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A prediction equation is used when a rough estimate is sufficient. l Wor ea Ap on ld R Example p li c a ti 1 EDUCATION Refer to the application at the beginning of the lesson. Predict the average college cost in the academic year beginning in 2006. Graph the data. Use the starting year as the independent variable and the tuition and fees as the dependent variable. Average Tuition and Fees 3500 3300 3100 2900 Tuition and 2700 Fees 2500 (dollars) 2300 2100 1900 1700 0 0 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 Beginning Academic Year Select two points that appear to represent the data.

F(x) ϭ 3x ϩ 1 27. f (x) ϭ 14x 28. f(x) ϭ 12 29. f(x) ϭ 5x Ϫ 8 30. Find the zero for the function f(x) ϭ 5x Ϫ 2. 3 3 31. Graph y ϭ Ϫᎏᎏ x ϩ 3. What is the zero of the function f (x) ϭ Ϫᎏᎏ x ϩ 3? 2 2 32. Write a linear function that has no zero. Then write a linear function that has infinitely many zeros. l Wor ea Ap on ld R Applications and Problem Solving p li c a ti 33. Electronics The voltage V in volts produced by a battery is a linear function of the current i in amperes drawn from it. The opposite of the slope of the line represents the battery’s effective resistance R in ohms.

Then solve for b. y ϭ mx ϩ b Ϫ3 ϭ Ϫ6(1) ϩ b 3ϭb Substitute Ϫ3 for y, 1 for x, and Ϫ6 for m. Add 6 to each side of the equation. The y-intercept is 3. Thus, the equation for the line is y ϭ Ϫ6x ϩ 3. Lesson 1-4 Writing Linear Equations 27 l Wor ea Ap on ld R Example p li c a ti 2 BUSINESS Alvin Hawkins is opening a home-based business. He determined that he will need $6000 to buy a computer and supplies to start. He expects expenses for each following month to be $700. Write an equation that models the total expense y after x months.

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