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By Tony Butterworth (auth.), Tony Butterworth, Jean Faugier (eds.)

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This method of coping is in direct contrast to freezing and presents itself as a form of inter-professional tension. Melters attempt to resolve the stresses by turning away from conventional one-to-one relationships and try to interact directly with the community. They disown professional skill and status; they however very rarely disown professional salary but nearly always remain on the pay roll of a conservative organization. The dilemma of the melter is rarely resolved. These descriptions are not intended to be disparaging but more an indication of the complex way in which individuals cope with the stress placed upon them by their painful work.

A supervisee will frequently display marked ability in certain areas at an exceptionally high level. It is the duty of the mature supervisor (the term is used with no reference to age, but implies that the supervisor has been through the processes now being experienced by the supervisee, and has derived some insight from the journey) to further such development by rewarding in the form of praise and encouragement. It is not appropriate for any supervisor or mentor to use the supervisory relationship to deal with unresolved feelings of inadequacy or insecurity.

The actions of the nurse in the relationship should take into account the feelings of the patient as well as the feelings that are being felt but not acknowledged by the nurse. For example, Susan, a speech therapist, was a patient in the maternity unit following the birth of her first child. Sadly, the child was born with a cleft palate and a hare lip. Susan was clearly upset, but more distressed to find that nobody came to talk to her about it and she was moved to a side room. She eventually read her case notes, which were casually left at the bottom of her bed.

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