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By Prof. Dr. Helga Fritsch, Dr. Andreas Lienemann, Dr. Erich Brenner, Dr. Barbara Ludwikowski (auth.)

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This issue demonstrates well that the interpretation regarding the subdivision of the pelvic connective tissue is incomplete without knowing its developmental and functional differentiation. It is obvious that the main function of the semicircular, paravisceral fat pad is to constitute a gliding pad for the bladder (Kux and Fritsch 2001). The fat pad accompanies the bladder whenever it is moving. Function and innervation of the external urethral sphincter, the pubovesical and puboprostatic ligaments have been extensively described by Dorschner et al.

4. B Coronal MR image of an adult female with paravesical and paracervical tissue bers (Richardson 1993), and smooth muscle cells that belong to the longitudinal layer of the rectal wall. 2 Muscles The middle compartment does not have any specific striated muscles. The lateral vaginal wall comes in close contact to the puborectalis portion of the levator ani muscle. Both structures are always separated by the superior fascia of this muscle (Fig. 6B). 3 Reinterpreted Anatomy, Function and Fundamentals of Neuroanatomy Surgical techniques for the fixation of uterus and vagina are numerous.

Within the region of the perineal body, the skin is firmly attached to the underlying connective tissue. This becomes obvious in macroscopic dissection as well as in histological sections. As can already be seen in early fetal life, the males perineal body consists of dense connective tissue (Fig. 14A). It does not possess its own musculature, but numerous muscles originate or insert within the dense perineal body. The external anal sphincter is attached to it dorsally and the deep transverse perineal muscle, including the bulbourethral glands, abut the ventral portion of the perineal body (Fig.

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