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G h e l m a n , B . ( 1 983) Congeni­ ta l abscence of the thoracic pedicle: 8: 4 8 - 4 9 . Tan , B- K . ( 1 993) A case report . Spine the Histomorphometry o f lower thoracic U n published Honours theSis, Curtin Universi ty, Perth , WA . & Te rry, R. S h imaguchi , S. ng (in Japanese). A nat. A nz. 135: 7 2 - 8 2 . P ( 1 989a) Variation at the Hu m a n Thoraco­ lumbar Transitional junction with particu lar reference to the Posterior Elements. PhD thesis. The Department of Ana tomy and Human Biology, The Un iversity of Western (ed) Trotter, M.

The primary axis of rotation for the mid th o rac ic seg­ ments is located close to th e anteri or region of the thoracic intervertebral disc (Davis, 1959). The lower thoracic zy gapoph ys ial joints provid e specialized features whidl are characteristic of this re gi on . The first is the greater de velop m en t of the mammillary processes, which ori gin a te as extensions off the superior art icular processes (Kap lan 1945). permit a limited degree of - , Anatomy of the thoracic intervertebral discs In the human vertebral column, disc hei ght acco un ts for ap pr oxinl ately 20- 33% of the total length of t he spinal column (Whi te and Panjabi, 1990).

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