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Once upon a time I dreamed myself a butterfly, floating like petals within the air, satisfied to be doing as I happy, not conscious of myself! yet quickly sufficient I aroused from sleep after which, frantically clutching myself, Chuang Tzu i used to be! i ponder: was once Chuang Tzu dreaming himself the butterfly, or was once the butterfly dreaming itself Chuang Tzu? -Chuang Tzu goals are an unending resource of puzzle and fascination. these we bear in mind carry to our awake expertise numerous characters, situations, and occasions frequently unbelievable or perhaps strange in our daily international. occasionally goals are extra mundane and customary­ position, reflecting thoughts of contemporary occasions of visible significance. it's maybe due to our inability to below­ stand totally the beginning of desires or interpret their detailed VII viii Preface which means that desires are the topic of such curiosity and hypothesis. or maybe, because the chinese language thinker Chuang Tzu steered, they permit us the liberty to ex­ pand our ideas, institutions, or spirit in a fashion that no different adventure, waking or in a different way, can. medical curiosity in dream content material has basically been constrained to the psychoanalytical viewpoint. this contemporary medical curiosity in desires is the direct results of Freud's landmark contribution in regards to the significance of desires in subconscious proposal and within the perform of psychoanalysis. Theoretically, psychoanalytical interpre­ tation of dream content material as a repressive-defensive content material functionality ruled scientific perform and alertness for a few years and is still an influential college of thought.

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Chapter 4 Methodological Issues in the Study of Dream Content Research on the study of dream content is surprisingly limited in the number of empirical studies conducted since the turn of the century. Winget and Kramer (1979) compiled an impressive collection of data, reviewing the content and methodology employed in every dream content study available to that date. Possible reasons for the lack of research on dreams may be related to the extraordinary influence of psychoanalytical thought upon dream theory as well as to certain methodological difficulties in the collection and study of dream content.

Is the report of a dream some form of selective memory of important events, fantasy, or mere fabrication? Fraiberg (1959) and Lewis (1973) believed that children begin dreaming in their first year of life. Sleep research studies have indicated that infants spend an unusually high proportion of their sleep in REM sleep: up to 80% of the total sleep for premature infants. Observations of sleeping infants' behavior suggest that certain distress-as evidenced by crying, moaning, and motoric movements-is not caused by physiological needs such as hunger or discomfort, but is suggestive of some internal source.

Wherever a lesion, fixation, or conflict in development occurs, corresponding manifestations of ego pathology will occur. If the arrest occurs in the symbiotic phase, self-representation and object representation become fused. The person then employs psychotic ego defenses such as denial, poor reality testing, and disturbed ego boundaries. If the arrest or fixation occurs in the rapprochement subphase of separation-individuation, self-representation and object representation become separate and split into polarized good and bad self-representation and object representation characteristic of borderline personality organization.

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