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By Robert Friedman

This quantity provides new advancements within the concept
of degenerations. The unifying subject is the applica-
tion of strategies from the birational geometry of
threefolds. one of the purposes of this examine are
partial compactifications of moduli areas of algebraic
varieties and perception into the geometry of tender

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Proofs of the theorems in this section can be found in STEENROD [1] and HOLMANN [1]. The essential fact in the continuous case is the assumption (5) that GIG' admits a local section. In the other two cases the analogous assumption is not necessary, because a local section always exists. 5. 9) is continuous and effective. 2. b)]. If q = I, W is called a line bundle. The coordinate transformations between two admissible charts of W preserve the vector space structure on each fibre of W. Addition of points on a fibre, and multiplication of a point by a complex number, are therefore defined.

Definition: e' = (5', n', X) is a subsheal of e = (5,:re, X) if I) 5' is an open set 01 5. II) n' is the restriction ot :re to 5' and maps 5' onto X. III) The stalk :re'-l (x) = 5' (\ :re- 1(x) is a subgroup 01 the stalk :re- 1(x) lor all x EX. Condition I) is equivalent to I*) Let s (U) C 5 be the image set 01 a section ot e over U and oc Es (U) (\ 5'. Then U contains an open neighbourhood V ot :re (oc) such that s (x) E5' lor aU xE V. § 2. ' is a local homeomorphism and III) implies that the group operations in e' are continuous.

E/G' is associated to the G-bundle E. Let ~ be the map from the set ot G'-bundles over E/G' to the set ot Gbundles over EIG'. Then (6) (Alter "lifting" by (! 3 according to the case considered. We leave the first parts to the reader and show only how to obtain equation (6). Let W be the subspace of E/G' X E consisting of all points c X d in E/G' X E with (! (c) = n (d). * E. 2. d) there is a fibre bundle Wover E/G' which is constructed from Ex G by the identifications d a X a-I g = d X g for all a EG', § 3.

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