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Necrosis would therefore be expected to promote invasion (Weiss, 1977). The necrotic extracts are rich in neutral proteases, acid phosphatase, B-glucuronidase, 2-galactosidase, hexosaminidase (no collagenolytic or fibrinolytic activities were detected). As the labilization of lysosomes has been shown to be associated with cell detachment (Weiss, 1965), and as detachment can also be medi­ ated by extrinsic enzymes (Weiss, 1963), the question arises whether the mechanism of action of the necrotic extracts is mediated by their direct action on the intercellular material, by their in­ direct action in labilizing lysosomal enzymes, or by other mechan­ isms.

The monocytoid cells migrated a mean distance of 52 ym into medium-filled 3-μιη diameter pores, but did not penetrate either collagen- or fibrin-impregnated pores. Over incubation periods of 4 and 8 h, W-256 cells penetrated (fluid) medium-filled, 8-μπι diameter pores to mean depths of 27 and 57 ym, respectively. In the presence of collagen I, the W-256 did not penetrate the membranes at all, and in the presence of fibrin, penetration was reduced to a mean depth of 14 ym in 4 h. Gardner lymphosarcoma cells penetrated medium-filled 8-ym pores to mean depths of 43 and 91 ym after 2 and 4 h incubation, respectively, but in contrast to the W-256 cells, they penetrated collagen-im­ pregnated pores to respective mean depths of 2 and 22 ym, and did LEONARD WEISS AND OKHEE W.

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